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"Mechanical Ivy Garden”

This competition challenges the integration of the existing pump station building, the new museum park, and Biscayne Blvd. The pump station is an important infrastructure edifice that serves an indispensable role in the functioning of the city of Miami. The building exemplifies functionality and simple mechanical operation. Thus its form follows this simplicity. However, the proposed museum park with all of its new buildings, gardens, and public spaces is a clear manifestation of growth, renewal, urban complexity, and civic pride for the city of Miami Downtown area.

The “Mechanical Ivy Garden” concept brings these elements together with a structure that grows out of the ground to wrap around the existing pump station and peels off to reach Biscayne Blvd. sidewalk and follows to the main entrance of the park.

The proposed structure’s modular system and mechanical assembly design allows for flexibility, maintenance, and functionality. The “Ivy” concept is iconic, sustainable, and exemplifies growth by naturally adjusting to the contours of the existing building and creating a garden-like public spaces and observation deck for visitors to obtain information about the park and pump station.


The structure is composed of three main elements that form the panels for the assembly of the “Ivy.” There is a primary vertical and a secondary horizontal structure for the assembly of the “Ivy.” These tubular structures could be fabricated out of recycled materials like steel or plastic composites. These panels are supported with each other and also attached to the building’s walls. They also resemble the branches of natural ivy and its growth. The third element is a series of integrated photovoltaic panels that resemble the natural Ivy leafs and collect sun-light to create electricity for the lighting effects of the structure. These “leafs” also help to camouflage the existing building creating patterns reflecting movements.
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