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Design Concept

The functioning and purpose of the existing pump station building is all about flow. This building is a hey element of the continuos flow of sewage water from this part of the city to the processing plant. The circular motion on the pumps can be interpreted as a giant drain that creates a siphoning effect which is turn speeds up the flow of sewage thru the system. The idea of flow and movement is also evident in the design of Museum Park and Biscayne Boulevard surrounding area This is reflected in the winding path and walk-ways that move people thru the park. The buildings also reinforce this concept with curvilinear forms and shapes, and there is also the idea of flow knowledge and history occurring in the museums.

This idea of flow and movement is the main concept behind the design of the new enclosure around of the existing pump station. The curvilinear walls represent the fluid movement of the composition which culminates at the "siphoning" point. This point is represented by a tubular structure that house the public space and the information center as well as an observation deck. The use of materials than are malleable, such as aluminum, steel, and canvas also reinforces the fluidity of the design.


In addition, the solution incorporated into the design elements of the surrounding site. The use of light, transparency, and water relate to the vitality and complexity of the revived Biscayne Corridor, moreover, the canvas structure that covers the top of the building alludes to the sea, ships, and sails.

In general, the new structure is independent of the pump station, therefore, it does not hinder the functioning and circulation around the building. The existing structure receives minor exterior work to improve the appearance of the building.

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